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Gigs! Pictures! New Venues!

Friday, August 7th, 2009

Digital World! What is up? Life is good.  The summer time is the right time for long nights and good times with the people you love.

If you are at all familiar with Softball… We had the opportunity to celebrate with the East Zone age 13 Champions!!! Give it up for number one baby! These girls know how to kick some serious butt on the ball field.  It wasn’t even a close game.  Congratulations girls! Check them out in the pictures section under ‘chesapeake deck’.

Tonight we are playing at Mojo bones in Ocean View for the very first time.  Then coming up on October 9th we will be at 15th street raw bar in grill in VA beach.  Be sure to come out an show your love .

Still at work hard in the studio finishing up 2 songs currently and in the middle of another.

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Love the people you are around and that love will come back to you ten times over.