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Everything you need lies inside of you

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

A fire starts with a spark.  A hurricane starts with a gust of wind.  A perfect season starts with the first touchdown.  Change comes before you grow.  Don’t let your dreams get lonely.  Live for something bigger than yourself.  You have been put here on this planet for a reason.  A purpose.  Find it.

If you take care of the little things in life then the bigs things will take care of itself.  Hold close to your friends and your family.  Love every minute of it.  Good and Bad.

This weekend we got City Wine Sellar (where magical evenings occur on a regular basis)  and are playing a fundraiser at Kitty Hawk Harley Davidson Dealership.  We are totally stoked to be a part of what they have going on with the Sgt. Mac Memorial.

We love you guys.  Thank you for being with us!