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Don’t be scared, we’re opening for Rusted Root!

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Got your halloween costumes ready?  Hope you guys have a fun and safe halloween.

Gotta show you won’t wanna miss.  We are opening for Rusted Root coming up in November (Details below).  This is a huge opportunity for us.  Come on out and be a part with us.

Hit us up via email if you want tickets.  We can get them to you at a discounted rate compared to ticketmaster.

We love you guys and look forward to seeing you soon!

Here comes fall!

Friday, October 1st, 2010

The leaves will soon be changing and the coats will be coming out of the closet.  We have the trailer packed and are hitting the road for the last festival of the summer in Manassas.  So long Summer, thanks for all the memories and good times.  Were gonna miss you but we’ll see you soon!

Welcome to the website! Be sure to follow us on facebook, twitter, or myspace (whatever your digital fix is)

The fall and winter months are booking up.  We have booked some new venues and shows.  I’m gonna get those up on Sunday.

Thanks for all your support!  We couldn’t do this without you guys!  Check back for more updates!

note:  Anyone that comes up to Manassas from Tidewater for the festival tomorrow will get a free shirt.  You will also see that there will be a protest going on during our set of a new store that is in the town!  Which side should we choose?  We’ll definetly get some pics from the fan cams to keep you guys updated!  Love yall!  See you soon!