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Virginia Beach Invasion!

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

Accompanied by a rocking and running session at Chesapeake City Park!  We hope to see you guys out!

Locked, Loaded, and Ready to Go!

Sunday, April 12th, 2015

Welcome all first timers and all returners!  Explore around!  Go like us on face book, buy or download our album, Empty Walls, and make sure to scroll down and sign up for our email list!

This year is cruzing along! We have had the busiest winter since I can remember! That is because of your continuous support!  We can not say ‘Thank You!’ enough. 

 Summer is looking fun and eventful!  The shows are lining up both indoors and outdoors!  Check out the ’shows’ tab at the top and mark the dates on your calendar! 

Coming up this week is:

Thurs @ 7:30 at Wicker’s Crab Pot, Fri @ 8:30 at Bad Habits, and Sat @ Noon at Harley Davidson Bike Week

Hope to see you real soon!  Credits for picture below go to Vincent Shilling